Company “Świerk”

The company was founded in 1998. Its head office we have in the village of Gorno - 12 km from Kielce, the national road No. 74.
The plant includes a sawmill, where we cut and we dry the raw material and the joinery where the material is processed.

We produce:

  • wood shingles
  • garden furniture
  • small garden architecture
  • rails, fences and railings
  • profiled wood: paneling, soffit, floor.
  • gazebos and canopies garden
  • garages and sheds
  • trade pavilions
  • holiday cottages
  • residential homes year-round

We use high-quality softwood: pine, fir, spruce, larch and hardwood: oak, beech, alder, birch, aspen. The wood is kiln-dried or cured.

To protect ornaments and use the highest grade preservatives, waxes, stains and glazes, which are a guarantee of long life of our products. First of all, they protect the wood against: fire, pests, fungi and home of mold, UV rays and at the same time are waterproof breathable.

Employees with high qualifications ensure that our products are made of solid, beautifully and accurately. To a large extent, this is also thanks to the professional machines and devices on which material is machined. Through the high quality services we have gained confidence, good reputation and esteem among our customers.

The products sell retail and wholesale. For regular customers we give discounts! For our products we provide a guarantee period of 24 months. We also carry out projects according to customer ideas

We have extensive experience in timber construction, because with us :

  • You can count on professional service and assistance in choosing a home design that meets your expectations !
  • We work with a professional design agency MTM STYL, specializing in projects of wooden houses !
  • We help our designer who will design your dream wooden house according to your instructions !
  • We will advise and help you every step of the way !
  • It depends on you the quality of construction materials and finishing !
  • You can view our previous projects and meet our customers !
  • We combine tradition with modern style and technological solutions !
  • A complete implementation of the offer attractive discounts !